KOGI-Q Meatshop

Second semester and I swore that I won’t try to cut class again.

The school had just resumed from 2 weeks semestral break. CAS subjects had no class because there was a teacher’s meeting until 5pm. I have filipino class at 6pm which means it wasn’t included in the suspension. Sad.

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time will come..

I guess I should stop moping over things that can’t be undone. Maybe its bound to happen. Though a part of me will regret it so much & even if I’ll try to patch things up, it’ll never be the same as before. So many questions I’m dying to ask but I think its better left unanswered. I’m following my heart for quite a long time and all it did was to break me. I’m throwing my all to him and took it for granted. It’s painful to see my efforts were put to waste. It should be enough to wake my senses and pick up the broken pieces that he’ve caused me. And thus, I should start finding myself again.
Chasing him was hard because he’s fast to run. I was not the one he’s been looking for. It was not me all along but rather I was the way that led him to meet his destiny. Funny how fate works. I’m quite persistent right? Maybe because I’m used to pursuing and not giving up to the things I love until I made a good fight. Time will come when I’ll be able to forget him. 

Self-Written Poems

HARD TO BELIEVE –The very first poem I wrote. I dedicated this to the guy I was infatuated with on my first year in college. He likes my dearest friend. I couldn’t accept it nor did I believe it was true back then. It triggered me to express my feelings through writing rhyme words. It was a bit simple and obviously a work of an amateur. However, it became my first step in the field of writing poems.

TOO MUCH — This poem was sort of a way for me to confess my feelings towards my long time crush. Emotions were building up and I couldn’t keep it any longer. So I decided to let it all out and express it through my poem. I sent it to him through a private message on facebook. Afterwards, I felt so ashamed. I realized that it was so unladylike of me to initiate the first move that’s why I blocked him right after. I thought it was the best way to do because I was afraid of being rejected. I rather be oblivious about his say on it than knowing my feelings weren’t reciprocated. That was so coward of me and i regretted it.

REGRETS –It was an unexpected turn of events. I didn’t care about the consequences of my words & actions. I didn’t mind the effect or simply saying I didn’t care. Maybe because I was too immature to think of the right thing to do. I was not aware that it could hurt someone big time.